How to include hearing-impaired people in meetings

  1. Lighting is crucial.
    The deaf person needs to sit with their back to the main light source so tha
  2. Image result for hearing impairmentt the faces opposite are illuminated for lip reading.
  3. Minimise background noise.
    Hearing aids amplify ALL sounds, so be aware of distractions such as mechanical fans in a projector, or a noisy fridge – or worst of all, most village hall urns! Avoid whispering comments to a neighbour or having a private conversation round the table, outside the official debate.
  4. Look for a hearing loop in the room.
    If there is one, make sure it’s switched on and that the deaf person knows about it. This can be a factor if you’re booking an outside venue for a meeting.
  5. Raise your hand when you wish to say something.  
    This enables the deaf person to identify who’s speaking. Don’t start speaking till the chairman says so.
  6. Keep your whole face visible while you speak.
    Don’t cover your mouth with your hand, or turn away from the deaf person.
  7. Speak clearly.
    No need to shout or even to talk slowly, unless the deaf person asks you to.

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