The area of Rutland is approximately 390 km2 and latest mid-year population estimates160316 rutland water
(2009) show it as having a population of 38,400. This is projected to rise substantially to 44,300 by 2026 and to 46,400 by 2033. The density of population is low, with less
than one person per hectare.

Rutland has been classed as the most rural county or unitary authority in England and Wales with a high proportion of land in agricultural

Oakham is the larger of the two market towns with a population of about 10,000 and a
range of education, community, health and leisure facilities, employment, shopping, a
twice weekly market, a railway station and bus services to the surrounding area.
Uppingham has a population of about 4,000 with a more limited range of facilities, employment and shopping, a weekly market and bus services to the surrounding area.

Rutland has 52 villages ranging in size from small hamlets with a few houses and no
facilities, to larger villages with facilities such as a school, a convenience store, a post
office, general medical practice, employment opportunities, community and leisure
facilities and bus links to the towns and neighbouring villages. The six largest villages
each have a population of more than 1,000 and account for about 25% of Rutland’s

Beyond Rutland’s borders, Stamford lies just outside the county boundary, providing a
range of community facilities, shopping, education, health services and acting as a
service centre to some of the villages on the eastern side of Rutland.

Corby lies approximately 3 miles south of Rutland and is planned to double in size in
the next 30 years including new housing, leisure and shopping facilities.

Extract from Rutland Local Plan

Updated June 2018

Find out who the Rutland candidates are in the 2017 General Election, using this link.
– May 2017


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