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You can help save the countryside from as little as £3 per month

The most effective way for you to help protect the countryside is to become a member of CPRE. We’re delighted that you want to join us. We all need the countryside – whether it’s for fresh air, delicious local produce, beautiful landscapes, or vibrant towns and villages – the countryside is invaluable. By joining CPRE, you are helping to ensure that a beautiful living countryside thrives for generations to come.

CPRE membership is from £3 per month, but giving at a higher level will help us do more to protect the countryside. CPRE members may add their partner and other family members to their membership – those who do tend to give from £5 per month.

As a CPRE member you’ll receive:

  • Countryside Voice magazine, three times a year*
  • Half-price entry to over 200 houses and gardens across England
  • Fieldwork, our newsletter to help you to campaign
  • Membership of your local County Branch
  • Access to our Planning Hotline for advice from CPRE

*Please note we are unable to send our magazine, Countryside Voice, to members who pay less than £3 per month. We understand that each person’s circumstances are different, and we very much welcome you joining us at whatever level you can afford. However we hope you understand that we won’t be able to provide our magazine.

For all memberships, we encourage you to pay by monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit. Please freephone 0800 163680 to join up by Direct Debit today.

Suggested membership rates:

  • £36 per year (equivalent to £3 per month)*
  • £60 per year (equivalent to £5 per month)
  • £120 per year (equivalent to £10 per month)
  • £300 per year (equivalent to £25 per month)
  • £600 per year (equivalent to £50 per month)

* Recommended minimum. If you would like to give further support to our work by paying a higher subscription, we would be very grateful. The more you give, the more we can do.

Internal note:

Online donation needs to be set up for this to link to.

Forms to download, allowing donation by Join by Direct Debit (235K PDF)
Join by Debit/Credit Card or cheque (218K PDF)
Join as a Parish Council or Organisation (71K PDF)     also needs to be set up for our region.

         Leave a legacy

If you share our beliefs about protecting our precious heritage of a beautiful countryside, please consider leaving a gift to CPRE in your will.

Your legacy, no matter what the amount, will help us ensure that developments are sensitive to the countryside, and that housing sprawl is kept in check. With your help, there will be a green, tranquil and beautiful England for tomorrow’s children to enjoy.

The English countryside is an exceptional creation – immensely old, full of surprises and nearly always pleasing to look at. For me, the countryside represents so much of what makes life worth living but how much of it will be left for future generations to enjoy? Bill Bryson

With the advice of a solicitor, writing a will or changing it in order to include a gift to CPRE is very simple.

For more information on leaving a legacy to CPRE, please contact:
Alexandra McGill
Freepost Plus RTCK-UBXX-BBCR
Tel: 020 7981 2849